Who are we?

Guesthouse meinn is a new addition to Hanamaki’s vibrant and unique downtown area. Founded on the idea that Hanamaki has many unique aspects to offer travelers of all kinds, we wanted to make the downtown area accessible to more people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to explore it.

Located a convenient 10-minute walk from Hanamaki Station, meinn allows guests to explore the city in any way they choose. Whether you’re looking to relax in one of Hanamaki’s many onsen, enjoy a festival, or just simply take in the sights and sounds, we present a way to connect travelers to this great city.

With available dormitory rooms, private rooms, and a female bedroom, every traveler is welcome to stay with us and feel comfortable doing so. We have a shared living space where guests are welcome to hang out and relax, as well as a bar where you can purchase some of Iwate’s local drinks.

Our staff is familiar with the area and can offer support in either Japanese or English, so feel free to come by and let us introduce you to Hanamaki!